The Pinfold Club, Boldron

The redundant Methodist Chapel had planning permission to be turned into a house, but with the close of the George and Dragon Inn, the community decided that a social meeting place was needed and negotiated a lease (with the support of the building’s owner) to convert this community building into a social club, known as the Pinfold Club.  

This name refers to the time when this piece of land was the village pinfold, where straying stock were kept until their owners collected them.

The Pinfold Club is managed by a group of volunteer directors and management committee.  It is open at weekends and Bank Holidays, with the bar being staffed by volunteers. The two quoits teams are based in the Pinfold Club and play most Monday evenings in the summer.  During the winter there is a 5’s and 3’s domino team which is based in the Club.  The Club has a pool table, kitchen facilities and facilities for music events.

Regular events have been held in the Club since it opened, such as food nights and music nights.  Occasional events have included flower and vegetable shows, art shows, barbecues, Octoberfest, Christmas and New Year gatherings.  

Up-to-date information about the Pinfold Club can be found at the Club’s Facebook page.