Boldron Places

Links to Ordnance Survey maps for Boldron published by the National Library of Scotland can be found below.






Manor House before redevelopment
Rear of Manor House before redevelopment

Boldron Post Office

Boldron Post Office to right of photo, 1960
Boldron Post Office to right of photo, 1960

The Parish History Group put together a leaflet (below) about Boldron Post Office as it closed. 


Boldron Well

Boldron Well
Boldron Well

Boldron Parish History Group’s leaflet about Boldron Well and the circular walk from the village which passes si below.


Boldron Bridges

Packhorse/Paddock Bridge

Paddock Bridge crosses Thorsgill Beck and was featured in the Enclosure Award of 1766.  It is situated on one of the footpaths between Boldron and Startforth, just below Boldron Well.  The bridge is narrow, but widens out at the south end to allow people to pass each other.

Road Bridge between Boldron and Startforth

An agreement was made in 1836 to bridge Thorsgill Beck at a place where the road forded the stream.

Durham County Record Office Ref: Agreement of the owners of lands at Boldron for the division of waste lands at Boldron between them by the award of George Benson of Eggleston. The proceeds are to be applied to bridging a brook on the Barnard Castle Road, 5 January 1836.

The 1892 Ordnance Survey 25 inch map, however records a footbridge and a ford at this place, but the bridge is shown on the same scale 1912 Ordnance Survey map.

Road Bridge on West Lane between Boldron and A67

The West Lane connects Boldron with the A67, previously the Bowes to Sunderland Bridge Turnpike road and there was a toll house (no longer standing)  situated on the turnpike road at the end of the West Lane.  This road bridge is of more recent construction than the other road bridge above because there was still only a ford and a foot bridge at the time off the 1912 Ordnance Survey map.  The West Lane was laid out at the time of the Enclosure Award of 1766 and consequently has wide verges for most of it’s length and particularly towards the A67.

Cart Bridge over Thorsgill Beck

The footpath over Boldron and Pearson Moors from near Cottage Farm on the Boldron/Startforth road to Street Head Farm/Startforth Grange crosses Thorsgill Beck at this bridge, which lies to the west of the Boldron-Startforth road bridge. Thorsgill Beck forms the boundary between Boldron and Startforth Parishes here. This bridge appears on the 1893 Ordnance Survey map. The 1766 Enclosure Award referred to this part of Boldron parish as Boldron Inn Moor.

Listed Buildings Within Boldron Parish

Boldron Village Green Geophysical Survey