Boldron in 1841

Boldron’s Tithe Map was published in 1841 the same year as the first Census that showed all the people living in the Parish.

The Tithe Map was accompanied by a list of owners and occupiers of the property in a document called the Apportionments.  This document has been transcribed below.

Boldron Tithe Apportionments

Guide to Table

A – Acres

R – Roods

P – Perches

Roods & perches are subdivisions of an acre. There are four roods in an acre, and a rood contains 40 perches, so there were 160 perches in an acre.  For further information on Imperial measures see the University of Nottingham site.

Tithe charges are calculated in Pounds (£), Shillings (s) and Pence (d).  There were 20 shillings in a pound and 12 pence in a shilling.  This was the British currency prior to decimalisation in 1971.

The Apportionments and 1841 Census have been put together to compile the following list of owners, occupiers and inhabitants, together with the modern house names.

Boldron in 1841