Boldron Carnival

Boldron Carnival was initiated during the 2nd World War.  It was an initiative from the newly-formed Women’s Institute to raise money for the war effort.  The Queen and her entourage were chosen from children or even grandchildren of Women’s Institute members who had links with the Parish, but did not necessarily live in Boldron.

It survived until the 1970’s when fewer children in the locality made it difficult to stage.  The sports aspect of the Carnival survives to the present day.  Early Carnivals included ankle competitions and cigarette races which would be unheard of in modern times.  The descriptions are full of names of people who lived in the locality from 1940. 

Articles are transcribed from the Teesdale Mercury.

Boldron Carnival held on 22 June 1963, showing the newly-built Village Hall in the background.
Boldron Carnival held on 22 June 1963, showing the newly-built Village Hall in the background.



Boldron village, partly in Bowes and partly in Startforth parish, had its gala day on Saturday, an effort being arranged under the auspices of the recently-formed Women’s Institute in aid of the village wool fund for soldiers’ comforts and the Women’s Institute fund for providing an ambulance. Commendable enthusiasm was shown by, the inhabitants and success was the result. The leading part was taken by Miss Barry, the president who was ably assisted by Mrs Naylor, secretary and Miss Potts, treasurer. Proceedings began with a whist drive at “Linden Lea,” the residence of Mr and Mrs J. T. Stephenson the M.C. being Mrs Bradbury. There were twenty-eight players, the winners being: Women-1, Mrs J. Lowes, 2. Mrs V. Featherstone; consolation prize, Mrs Stanwick. Men-1, Miss N. Allison (playing as man); 2, Mrs Macdonald; consolation, Mr W. Featherstone. After tea which was also served at Linden Lea, there was a fancy dress procession judged by Mr and Mrs J. T. Winter. Startforth, who awarded the prizes as follows:

Adults-1. Mrs Macdonald (The Blackout); 2, Mrs H. Lowes (Helping to win the war, collector of salvage). Girls-1. Dorothy Milner (the Bowes May Queen) with Ann Addison and Eileen Shewan (attendants); 2, Moira Lowes (Digging for Victory).

Boys-1, Val Bradbury (There’ll always be an England) ; 2, Cecil Alderson (Royal Dragoon). Consolation prizes-Mrs Hewitson and Miss Walton (The Pedlars).

Mr G. Macdonald led the procession carrying a Union Jack. The prizes were distributed by Mrs Winter and on the proposal of Miss Barry a hearty vote of thanks was accorded to Mr and Mrs Winter for their kindness in coming and officiating.

Later a programme of sports was carried out in Mr H. Lowes’s field with the following results:- Flat races: Girls-1. Joyce Lowes; 2, Mary Aislabie. Boys-1, Len Robinson; 2, Fred Milner. Little girls-1, Joan Hodgson; 2, Olive Fowler

Three-legged races: Juniors-1. Irene Thompson and Joan Hodgson; 2. Joyce Lowes and Ronald Aislabie. Seniors-1. Freda Guy and Norman Mitchell; 2, Nellie Allison and Len Robinson. Adults-I. Henry Lowes and Mrs Stanwick ; 2, Mr and Mrs J. Cook

Egg and spoon races :  Joyce Lowes ; 2. Eileen Shewan. Boys l. Len Robinson; 2. Keith Robinson. Ladies-1, Mrs Coverdale; 2. Freda Guy.

Flat races (adults): Married ladies-1. Mrs J. Cook ; 2. Mrs Alderson. Single ladies -1. Miss Freda Guy; 2, Miss Greta Bradbury. Single men-1. Jack Thompson. Married men-1. Wilfred Young; 2. Jack Bradbury. Cigarette race-1. Mr Lowes and Mrs Stanwick: 2. Mr and Mrs Young.

Tug-of-war-The ladies won the men pulling only with left hands. Darts-1. Randolph Preston ; 2. Richard Brunskill.

Quoits (for the silver cup presented by Mr M. S. Welsh -1. William Thompson; 2. Alfred Mitchell.

While the races were in progress Mr G. Macdonald had charge of an “Aunt Sally.” and a stall of sweetstuffs, etc, was under the direction of Mrs G. Macdonald and Miss Macdonald.


Joyce Lowes was Carnival Queen in 1941.

Boldron Carnival 1941
Boldron Carnival 1941


On Saturday the Boldron Women’s Institute arranged a carnival and sports in aid of the Red Cross and Comforts Fund. The afternoon’s proceedings opened with an open-air whist drive, a field being kindly lent by Mr H. Lowes. A tea at 4-30 was provided by the Women’s Institute. At 6-30 the fancy dress procession paraded the village, and amid an escort of scarecrows and Herr Hesses, the Queen of the Carnival was crowned by a very small girl, one of the seven of the Queen’s maids-in-waiting. Side shows and stalls added to the pleasures of the evening, and the sports provided enjoyment to both competitors and spectators.

Officiating at the side shows were Messrs Lowes and G. Cook (penny in the square), Bradbury and Allison (darts), and F. Cook and A. Mitchell (quoits). Messrs Stephenson- and Cook acted as gatekeepers, charging 3d. admission.

The prizewinners were: Whist drive: Ladies-1, Mrs Alderson 2, Mrs Pickersgill; 3, Mrs K. Lowes. Gentlemen-1, Mr Liverseed; 2, Mrs Stanwix; 3, Mrs I. Cook; booby, Mrs Richardson.

Carnival (prizes presented by Mrs Liverseed).—Children: Fancy dress-1, Red Cross Nurse; 2, Chinaman ; 3, South of the Border. Comic fancy dress-1, Old Farmer; 2, Scarecrow; 3, No Coupons. Adults: Fancy dress–1, The Bombed Outs; 2, Herr Hess. Comic-1, Eliza Bombed Out; 2, Scarecrow.

Sports (children).-80 yards (12-14 years) Boys-1, Fred Nelson; 2, R. Eccles. Girls- 1. Sheila Smith; 2, Joan Wigney. 60 yards (9-11 years): Boys-1, Terence Moncaster ; 2, Len Robinson. Girls-1, Margaret Bendelow ; 2, Marjory Tunstall. 50 yards (7 and 8 years): boys-1, Val. Bradbury; 2, A. Stanwix. Girls-1, Joyce Alderson; 2, Doris Brown. 40 yards (5 and 6 years, mixed) 1, Cecil Alderson; 2, George Longstaff. Toddlers-1, Joan Brown 2, Douglas Anderson. Sack race, boys-1, Fred Nelson; 2 Fred Milner. Egg and spoon race, girls-1, Joan Wigney; 2, Joyce Lowes. Three-legged race-1, T. Moncaster and Fred Nelson, 2, Joan Wigney and Connie Forster.

Adults’ sports.—Egg and spoon race, ladies-1, Mrs Richardson; 2, Mrs J. Cook. Married women’s race-1, Mrs J. Cook; 2, Mrs Boycott. Married men’s race-1, Mr Boycott ; 2, Mr J. Allison. Three-legged race (mixed) —Mr E. Dixon and Miss Vera Witkinson. Single men’s race-1, Mr Reg. Metcalfe; 2. Mr Tom Liddle. Cigarette race Mr J Allison and Mrs Richardson. Highest score for darts,-1. Mr J. Allen; 2, Mrs J Brown

The proceeds amounted to £19.




Boldron had its carnival, and a very successful one on Saturday, The arrangements being as usual made and carried out by the executive of the Boldron Women’s Institute. Of whom the President (Miss Barry), the secretaries (Mrs J. Cook and Mrs J Allison), and the treasurer (Miss Potts) were the leading spirits. The day was fine and everything contributed to the unqualified success of the occasion. The programme was a full one, although the main part of it did not begin until Six o’clock in the evening had ‘been struck.

In the afternoon, at the home of Mr J. T. Stephenson, a whist drive was held, the M.C.’s being Mrs J. Cook and Mrs J. Bradbury. The prizewinners were: Men-1, Mrs J. Allison; F. Cook; 3, Miss N. Lowes; lowest score, T. Sayer. Women-1, Mrs Borrowdale; 2, Miss Baillie; 3, Mrs Thompson; lowest score, Mrs N. Cook.

Promptly at 6 p.m. the procession began, headed by Mr George Macdonald bearing the Union Jack and a brass band under the direction of Mr A. Stuart. It was a great event for Boldron to have a procession led “there and back ” by a military band-and such a band; and it was a very fine procession, too, and one that occupied the judges’ attention for some time when the awarding of the prizes had to be considered. The judges were the Rev. Arthur B. Bateman and Mrs Bateman. Barnard, Castle, and their awards were as follows:

Girls’ original costume-1. Sylvia Lowes (Savings);  Joan Brown (Victory). Girls’ Comic – Marian Bainbridge and Betty Crockett. (Scotch lasses), Boys’ original- 1, Val Bradbury (Utility suit); 2, Colin Bainbridge (Red Indian). Boys’ comic-1, Herbert Lawton (Hatter); Alan Hewitson and Tony Liverseed (No Petrol). Adults’ comic -1, Mrs Bradbury (Mother Riley; 2, Mrs Alderson (Pierette). Original Mrs Hewitson (Points) 2, Mrs Lowes (Point). Period costume-1, Mrs A. Tarn (Madam Pompadour); 2 Mr T. Archer (Victorian Lady) 3, Mrs E. Potts (Spanish Senora).

An impressive part of the procession was formed of the Rose Queen and her retinue. The Rose Queen was Audrey Bainbridge and her crowning was performed by last year’s Queen, Joyce Lowes- The crown- bearer was Maurice Brown, the train bearers being Moira Lowes and Joyce Hutchinson; the flower strewers Sheila Robinson and Joyce Alderson ; and the maids of honour Irene Brown and Mary Aislabie. These young, people made a very effective group clad in gay raiment, and seated in the full rays of a westering sun amid truly rural surroundings.


The coronation over and the souvenirs of the occasion having been distributed among those taking part, the band began to play, and interest became centred in the sports in which there were well-contested trials of running powers. Messrs H. G. Coates. J. W. Naylor and J. T. Stephenson acted ‘as gatemen at the sports which were held in a field kindly lent by Mr H. Lowes. Other attractions on the field were : Darts under the care of Mr J, Allison and Mr J. Bradbury . Aunt Sally. Mr G. Macdonald character reading. Miss Grainger: “Roll  ’em up!’ Messrs H. Lowes and J. Cook: refreshments. Mrs Naylor and Miss Cook, “Finding Hitler’s Pain:” Miss D. Milner and Miss N. Allison.

The, sports, which were arranged by Mrs Cook and Mrs Allison. Mr A. Liverseed acting as starter, resulted as follows: – Children. Girls.-Flat races: 6-8-1, Doris Brown; 2, Betty Spencer. 8-10-1, Joyce Alderson 2, Audrey Bainbridge; 3, Iris Stephenson. 11-13-1, Dorothy Atkinson ; 2, Eileen Shewan. Egg and spoon: Under 11 1, Doreen Kearton; 2, Mary Aislabie. Over 11 -1, Joyce Lowes; 2, Dorothy Atkinson. Three-legged Under 11-1, Doreen Kearton and Moira Lowes; 2, Doris Brown and Sheila Robinson. Over 11-1, Joyce Lowes and Gladys Kearton; 2, L. Carter and Mary Richardson. Boys.-Flat races 6-8 1, Ronnie Jones; 2, Ronnie O’Neill; 3 tie, D. Kearton and Ray Molloy. 8-10-1, Robert Turnbull; Don Reed; 3. WM. Lawton, 11-13-1, A. Stoddart; 2, H. Duffield  3. F. Nelson. Egg and spoon: Under 11-1, R. Jones; 2, K. Hall. Over 11-1, K. Fletcher; 2, H. Duffield; 3, R. Donald, Three legged : Under 11-1, M. Scott and D. Reed. Over 11-1, H. Duffield and ; 3. Tony Liverseed and Tony Howson:3. A. Hewitson and B. Lee. Toddlers-1, M. Brown; 2 J Newbiggin; 3, H. Walton.


Married ladies’ – 1.  Mrs Cook; 2, Mrs Brown; 3, Mrs Richardson. Single-I, Miss Wilmer; 2, Miss R. Turnbull; 3, Miss C. Foster. Three-legged-Bandmaster Stuart and Mrs Atkinson; 2, Mr and Mrs Richardson. Cigarette-1, Mrs E. Guy and Mr Tweddell; 2, Mrs Wilson and Mr Lloyd. Ankle competition—1. Miss Corner; 2, Mrs F. Atkinson, 3, Miss N. Cook. Single men’s race-1, W. Todd; 2, D. Tweddell. Married-1, L Boycott; 2, S. Willans. Ladies’ egg and spoon-1, Mrs Richardson; 2. Mrs J. Pickersgill.

Quoits-1, J Allan ; 2. H. Bayles.

Darts-1, F. Scrafton; 2, Jack Thompson; 3, Thompson Tarn.

Best bunch of flowers: Girls 1,2 and  3, Sylvia, Moira and Joyce Lowes. Boys-1, Alan Hewitson; 2 Ronnie Aislabie; 3, John Bradbury


Boldron Carnival 1943
Boldron Carnival 1943. Mary Aislabie was the Carnival Queen.


What funny thoughts do cross our mind, to be sure. For a moment or two on Saturday we wished most intensely that we Could get war-Mongers everywhere by the scruffs of their ripe-for-hanging necks and, yanking them to Boldron, force them-with hefty kicks if need be-to maim obeisances and solemn pledges (with their. OWN lives at stake if they broke them!) to those whom we saw there-CHILDREN !

Blessings on them all!

Our flight of fancy over, we came back to earth and, in doing so; found Ourselves somewhere near Heaven. For oh did not Dame Nature who had been in sullen moon all day most suddenly relent and smile openly and warmly just when there was staged a lovely, lovely sight?

If she did not find it lovely, then all we can say is that she could not see properly because it. was Queen Mary Aislabie with all her retinue around her, sitting in unruffled majesty, cynosure of a hundred pairs of admiring eyes, all for a bravely- shouldered, trebly-good cause-aid for the Red Cross, funds for Local Comforts, and funds for Boldron’s very own and well- deserved Village Hall.

But there-will little Boldron race big Barney in getting a halt of its own ?-lest we get too carried away in ecstasy, let us calm ourselves and take things in their logical sequence.

We managed along in good time, and, looking around the tiny. peaceful place that Boldron is, felt ugly war was far away. Yes! And found something else too, of which we are not ashamed-that we love them all: the children! Boldron with share of bonny ones, and how, with their mummies and daddies-as the good folk in other villages of the Dales also do-they wholeheartedly enter into the spirit of things that are undertaken for them all.

We venture to doubt whether Veteran Home Guard- Mr George MacDonald has ever carried a banner more proudly than he did on Saturday at the head of the fancy dress procession; and we are perfectly certain that Mr Michael Welsh has never before, in the whole of his career, been more desirous of keeping step than he was as, in Civil Defence uniform, he marched by Mr MacDonald’s side . . . . To music !

Good for Boldron; thanks to Mrs Preston, and Mr V. Atherton of Barningham, and their accordeons! Did our last week’s report of the music-less Scout’s sing-song suggest them or was it just a case of somebody else feeling as we do-that music makes a world of difference?” It doesn’t matter: it does

The procession was delightful to watch. especially when, to give it the right sort of dignity as it entered the field so kindly loaned by Mr H. Lowes, it made a wide right wheel and then a sharp left one so that it could march straight down and in to where the judges, the Rev. N. C. Leece and Mrs Leece, were waiting to perform their difficult task- In due time: when they too had paid their homage to the Queen that was to be. Truly we have never seen a lovelier sight than was presented by the Royal Group on their specially erected stage, and when Mr Welsh mounted it to make his very happily – worded proclamation, there was wrapt attention.

“Let it be known,” he said. ” that Audrey of ” the house of Bainbridge, our Queen for the past year, is about to abdicate and hand over her Crown to Mary of the House of Aislabie” And to Mary, their new Queen, continued, they would all be loyal subjects for a year: they would not cross any fields of growing crops; they would always close gates behind them. As for the boys of the kingdom, they would never hurt hens of any other birds; much less steal their eggs.

It was all a delight, and was made more so when in placing the Crown she had so proudly worn on the head of Queen Mary, ex-Queen Audrey, sending our minds back many years to the time when our own sister Agnes was very much like her, frizzy hair and all, momentarily forgot the pretty lines that accompanied the crowning ceremony that she so capably performed. That Queen also did not forget her equally pretty lines of reply as as it should be.  And as for Mrs Leece’s greeting too was altogether right. She indeed was charming, like all in attendance on her. In addition to ex-Queen Audrey Ba!nbridge they were : Maids of Honour– Joyce Hutchinson and Moira Lowes; Flower Scatterers-Doris Brown and Marion Bainbridge: Attendants-Joyce Alderson and Sheila Robinson ; Crown Bearer–Maurice Brown

For such a grand occasion as this coronation there simply had to be regal presents, and it struck us as we saw these that whoever had chosen them showed remarkably good taste. With the exception of Crown Bearer Maurice’s gift a book appropriately entitled “Mistress Mary’s Nursery Rhymes,” and a sweet little rosette brooch ex-Queen Audrey had, they were in crystal, gilded glass. Queen Mary’s was a candlestick; ex- Queen Audrey’s other gift was a bottle of perfume; and the others had loving cups inscribed 1943.

Proud children? They could not, we feel sure, have been prouder than their parents, their mothers especially, whose loving fingers had dressed them so beautifully.

And how, when the grand occasion was over those royal little’ ladies became just good girls and doffed their finery for fear of spoiling it. That thought crossed our minds as we saw Queen Mary and ex-Queen Audrey’ once more just happy pals in neat print dresses, run a very close second in a three-legged race.

What an evening! And if we have missed any names we do- trust we shall he pardoned. To all we may have missed we shall be only too happy to make amends in next week’s issue if they will just let us know.

Mrs H. Lowes was President; Mrs Cook and Mrs Allison, Joint Secretaries: and Miss Potts, Treasurer And, of course, with others, whose names we’d like to have, Mr H. Lowes joined Messrs MacDonald and Welsh in rendering yeoman service.

The Rev. N. C. and Mrs Leece, as we have said, judged the fancy dresses, and their verdicts were: Girls’ comic-1, Boldron Village Hall, Sylvia Lowes ; 2, We Won’t Strike, Margaret Green ; 3, Mary had a little Lamb, Mary Green. Girls’ original-1, Flower Girl, Irene Brown, whose basketful of pretty posies realised quite a lot for the funds: 2, Little Buttercup, Gwen Lowes; 3, Flower Girl, Betty Spencer.

Boys’ original-1, Robin Hood. Bertie Lawton; 2, Boy Blue, Geoffrey Winter; 3, Don Pedro, Fred Milner. Boys’ comic-1, Shepherd, John Mutum; 2, Fisherman of England, Alan Hutchin; 3, And so to Bed with Ovaltine. Geoffrey Langstaff.

In the adult classes the winners were: Comic-1. Mrs Mop Knocks Off, Greta Bradbury ; 2, Black-out, Mrs Scaife ; 3, Victorian Couple (an excellent Darby and Joan), Mrs Hewitson and Miss Walton; 3, No Coupons, Mrs Bradbury. Original-1, Norwegian Mother and Daughter, Mrs Atherton and Joyce Lowes; 2. Dainty – Dinah, Mrs Stanwix. Ravensworth; 3. Old Dutch, Mrs Stanwix, Caldwell

The prizes (all competitors got something) were distributed by Mrs Leece, to whom Mrs Lowes proposed a vote of thanks seconded by Mrs Cook. And whilst the sports were on, ably supervised by Cpl. Powell, Mr Frank Anderson, Mr Collins, Mr H. Lowes, and the Rev. N. C. Leece we looked around.

Hoop-la was run by Miss Potts and Miss Eileen Shewin, with Mrs J. Alderson as a most capable tout; and Aunt Sally by Mr George MacDonald all alone. We do hope he got somebody to help him pick up those balls and save him as much stooping as we saw him do. Quoits went well in charge of Mr Fred Cook and the humdrum but all- important work of taking the gate money was happily performed by Messrs J. Peverley. J. W. Naylor and H. Coates.

As a result of all the joyous activity the handsome sum of £63 16s. was realised.

Sports results were: Children.-Girls Races, 1.Fay Wilson: 2, Joyce Plews 3, Irene Lewis. Girls 9-10-1. L. Horrigan; 2, S. Lewis; 3, Jean Hunt and, Linda Waine. Girls 11-14 1, Ivy Metcalfe; 2, D. Atkinson; 3, Jean Trippett. Boys 6-8- 1. Anderson; 2, R. Robson; 3, J. Mutum. Boys 9-10 1, Val. Bradbury; 2, F. Patterson; 3, R. Jones. Boys 11-14–1, D. Mully; 2, D. Reed; 3, R. Thistlethwaite. Infants under 6 (mixed)-1, J. Newbiggin; 2, B. Robson; 3. J. Mutum. Egg and spoon races : Girls under 11-1, D. Atkinson ; 2, I. Metcalfe; 3. – Giles ; Boys 11-14-1, D. Mulley ; 2. S. Hart ; 3, H. Duffield. Sack races: Boys under 11-1, F. Patterson; 2, K. Hall; girls (mixed ages)-1, L. Horrigan; 2, J. Waine: 3, J. Wright. Three-legged races: Girls-1, M. Lowes and D. Kearton; 2, M. Aislabie and A. Bainbridge; boys-1, J. Bradbury and H. Duffield; 2,, T. Howson and L. Johnson. Musical Hat: Girls under 14-1, M. Tunstall; 2, L. Horrigan; 3, Ivy Metcalfe; boys under 14-1, – Mitchell; 2, D. Mulley; 3, G. Fletcher.

Adults’ Races: Single ladies’ flat race, Miss A. Metcalfe; 2, Miss Buck; 3, Miss Annie Foster. Married women-1, Mrs Giles; 2, Mrs Winter. Egg and spoon race-1, A. Metcalfe; 2, Mrs Winter; 3, M. Ellwood. Musical hat-1, L. Carter; 2, Mrs Giles; 3, Mrs Wyatt. Three-legged race (mixed)-1, R. Addison and A. Metcalfe; 2, D. Tweddell and Mrs Atkinson. Married men’s flat race -1, T. Donald; 2, Joe Allison; 3, – Barwick. Single men’s flat race-1, W. Todd: 2, R. Metcalfe; 3, – Atkinson. Men’s musical hat-1, R. Addison; 2, – Lodge; 3, G. Tweddell. Men’s mile race-1, G. Beadle; 2, E. Donald.; 3. K. Thompson. Ladies’ ankle competition 1, Hilda Mitchell; 2, Mrs Winter; 3, Miss Thornborrow. Quoits-Cup, Teesdale; 1, Tweddell; 2, Keenleyside; 3, K. Thompson. Darts-1, E. Donald; E. Lilley; 3, T. Tarn.

At the afternoon whist drive, when Mrs Bradbury was M.C., winners were: Ladies 1, 2, lowest, Nurse Blakey, Mrs Severs, Miss E. Kipling. Gentlemen-1, 2, lowest, Mrs F. Anderson (as gent); Mr J. T. Bradbury and Mrs Basnett (as gent).


They Crowned Her Victory Queen Child Pageantry At Boldron

Set midst England’s green and pleasant fields, the village of Boldron, a peaceful cluster of cottages complete with Methodist Church and hostelry, seldom makes headlines, yet on Saturday the charming pageantry of the ceremonial of crowning the child Queen of the village at the annual carnival was worthy of the pen of our good friend Sydney Walton.  He could have taken us along the winding road from Barnard Castle, and give us the scents of the hedgerow wild rose and the field of new mown hay.  He could have given us the cry of the corncrake that still dares to visit our dales. He would have etched the village pageant with words for memory and cloaked the Queen with Abbey majesty.

It chanced that my first question “Do the children choose their own queen at school?” was right off the mark.  The reply told me they had no school at Boldron and the queen was not balloted for.  It just went around the village children.  And so each young maid of Boldron is either past queen, queen or queen to be.  A happy thought.

Saturday’s effort had glorious sunshine and there was a full programme of entertainment.  During the afternoon collections of wild flowers were on exhibition by the village children.  They made an interesting and colourful display.  The exhibition was judged by Mrs T Langstaff, Barnard Castle.  The awards were: Boys 1. B Lawton, 2. John Brown, 3. Jimmy Hall.  Girls 1, Joyce Hutchinson, 2. Moira Lowes, 3. Doris Brown.  A whist drive resulted as follows: Ladies, 1. Mrs Pennock, 2. Mrs Lowes, 3. Mrs Angel.  Gentlemen 1, Mrs E Coates, 2. Mr welsh, 3. Mrs Stanwix.  The MC was Mrs TB Harker.  Tea was served by members of the Local Womens Institute under Mrs H Lowes, President.

In the evening a fancy dress procession preceded the ceremony of the crowning of the village queen.  It was led by a band of the C.L.B. under Mr W Gibbons, standard bearer (Home Guard George MacDonald) and Mr MS Welsh (Chairman of the Parish Council).  There was also adult and children’s fancy dress on parade.  On the sports field, before a fairly large attendance, the crowning ceremony took place.  Mr Welsh acting as Chairman of proceedings.  The queen was Miss Joyce Alderson and she was crowned by her predecessor, Miss Mary Aislabie.  The crown carrier was Miss Iris Elliot, train bearers: Miss Irene Brown and Heather Parker: maids of honour Miss Sheila Robinson and Miss Doris Brown: flower scatterers Shirley Parker and Moira Lowes.

Mr Welsh, in a short address, said that this day saw the crowning as queen of Boldron of Joyce the second.  There had been a first of the house of Aislabie. The feeling was that the newly-elected queen would see us into victory.

The fancy dress was judged by Mr and Mrs T Langstaff.  The awards were: Girls 1. G Lowes (wounded soldier), 2. S Lowes (Golliwog), 3. Edna Kipling (a Bevin Boy). Boys 1. Ronnie Telfer (Huntsman), 2. Jeffrey Winter (Wounded Soldier in chair), 3. Ronnie O’Neil (as our Chinese ally).  Adults 1. Mrs Stanwix, Ravensworth and Mr Allison (Bride and Bridegroom), 2. Mrs Cook (Britannia), 3. Mrs Mutum.

There was a large number of sideshows and these were in charge of the following:- Hoop-la, Mrs J Alderson, Mrs Lawton and Mrs E Hutchinson; lemonade, Mrs Aislabie and Miss A Charlton; roll-a-penny, Mr TB Harker; provisions, bring and buy stall, Mrs Bradbury, Miss G Bradbury and Mrs Mullinger; Aunt Sally, Mr George McDonald; darts Messrs J Allison and J Bradbury; pony rides, Mr WG Telfer; buttonholes, Miss Eileen Hewin; fishing, Mrs Naylor; penny-in-bucket, Nancy Cook; horse race, Mrs Mutum and Mrs J Cook.

Sports were in charge of Cpl Ball, Messrs SS Collins, T Langstaff, H Anderson, H Lowes, F Cook and H Mitchell.  Results were: Toddlers Race 1. A Iceton, 2. K Farrar. 5-7 years (girls) 1. A Fullthorpe, 2. M Jaye. 8-10 years 1. M Luck, 2. M Lowes.  11-14 years 1. S Porter, 2. A Hoggett. Boys 5-7 years 1. G Anderson, 2. G Newbiggin. 8-10 years 1. D Reed, 2. R James. 11-14 years 1. G Alcock, 2. P. Barker. Egg and spoon race (girls) 1. A Hoggett, 2. D Bowman.  Sack race 1. J Hall, 2. B Masters.  Three-legged race (girls) 1. M Lowes and D Kearton. Boys 1. T Liverssed and T Harrison. Musical hat 1. A Hoggett, 2. D Brown. Boys 1. R Ainsley, 2. D Reed. Adults: Single ladies race 1. A Metcalfe, 2. M Bendelow, 3. R Turnbull.  Married women 1. Mrs F Atkinson, 2. Mrs J Brown, 3. Mrs G Winter. Single men 1. R Metcalfe, 2. J Hoggett, 3. L Gibson.  Married men 1. L Boycott, 2. F Donald, 3. J Robinson.  Musical hat (ladies) 1. Mrs Atkinson, 2. M Bendelow, 3. R Hillary. Gents 1. D Lodge, 2. J Hoggett, 3. J Milner.  Wheelbarrow race 1. Gibson and Close, 2. Lodge and Johnson.  Cigarette race 1. Mrs Aislabie and Mr W Todd, 2. Miss R Thompson and Mr J Allen.  Mile race 1. E Donald, 2. G Beadle, 3. L Gibson.  Quoits – F Dargett won the MS Welsh Cup outright.  The day’s effort raised the sum of £79.


Boldron Fete

Boldron village fete, in aid of the Red Cross and the Village Hall, organised by the Women’s Institute, of which Mrs Coates is President, on Saturday, was most successful.

The ceremony of crowning the Rose Queen, Sheila Robinson, was undertaken by the retiring Queen, Joyce Alderson, after the Rev. F.C. Giddens had read an impres­sive declaration. The Queen looked very charming, and she was attended by quite an imposing retinue. They were Sheila Parker, Irene Brown, Doris Brown, Heather Parker (Maids of Honour), Joyce Hutchinson and Moira Lowes (Flower Strewers), and Gwen Lowes (Crown Bearer).

Following this the fancy dresses, the wearers of which had previously paraded through the village, were judged by Mr and Mrs J.W. Collier. Some extremely grand costumes were in evidence. Their awards were as follows: Children: Girls—1, Norma Banner; 2, Pat Mclver; 3, Dorothy Parr and Rose Macdonald. Special, Audrey Bainbridge. Boys—1, Herbert Lawton; 2, Ronnie O’Neill; 3, Geoffrey Winter. Comic —1, Sheila Atkinson; 2, Doreen Atkinson; 3, Muriel Bellas; 4, Ann Mutum.  Adults— 1, Mrs Donald; 2, Miss Laycock; 3, Mrs E. Harrison; 4, Mrs Howson. Tableau—Mrs Whittaker and party.

The Sports.

The sports proved a great attraction, and here the ladies received great help from the men. The winners of the different events were as follows: Children Flat races: Girls 5-7—1, Barbara Cairns; 2, Nancy Mulley; 3, Glenda Wilkinson. 8-10—1, Joyce Mulley; 2, Audrey Banner; 3, Joyce Plews. 11-14—1, Doris Brown; 2, Joyce Alderson; 3, Mary Sayer. Boys 5-7—1, Brian Atkinson; 2, John Kipling ; 3, Win Collier. 8-10—1, John Brown; 2, Cecil Alderson; 3, Douglas Anderson. 11-14—1, Barry Masters; 2, Terence Truman; 3, Thos. Milburn. Egg and spoon, girls—1, Alice Hoggett; 2, Joyce Plews; 3, Mary Aislabie. Sack race, boys—1, Maxwell Gaskin; 2, Roy Ainsley; 3, Barry Masters. Three-legged race—1, Joyce Alderson and Doris Brown; 2, Moira Lowes and Doris Kearton; 3, Sheila Porter and Margaret Sayer. Boys—1, Paul Bradbury and Alfred Mitchell; 2, Wm. Banner and Thomas Milburn; 3, Cecil Nicholson and Roy Ainsley. Musical hat, girls—1, Alice Hoggett; 2, Ann Lawson; 3, Audrey Bennett. Boys—1, Donald Reed; 2, Thos. Milburn; 3, H Mitchell.

Adults.—Single ladies’ race—1, Miss Buck; 2, Miss Todd. Married—1, Mrs Boycott; 2, Mrs Ranshaw; 3, Mrs Stanley. Musical hat,- ladies—1, Miss M. Robinson; 2, Mrs Mutum; 3, Mrs Todd. Single men’s race—1, J. Hoggett; 2, T. Luck; 3, R. Thistlethwaite, Married—1, Mr Trotter; 2, Mr Young. Musical hat, men—1, J. Hoggett; 2, L. Turner; 3, A. Alderson. Cigarette race—1, Mrs Boddy and Mr Allison; 2, Miss Todd and Mr Norton; 3, Miss Robinson and Mr Young. Mile—1, J. E Hoggett; 2, W. Young; 3, D. Carter. Quoits Challenge Cup;—1, W. Featherstone; 2, W. Swinbank; 3, Stanley Forster. Ankle competition—1, Miss Muriel Bainbridge; 2, Miss Elsie Nicholson; 3, Mrs E. Guy; 4, Miss Luck.

The results of the various events were as follows: Whist drive.—Ladies—1, Mrs Anderson; 2, Mrs Harrison; 3, Mrs Marsden; lowest. Mrs J. Thompson. Gentlemen—1, Mr Plews; 2, Mrs R. C. Addison; 3, Mr W. Payne; lowest, Mr J. T. Bradbury. The M.C. was Mrs T. B. Harker.

Baby show.—The judges were Mrs Hemingway and Nurse Thompson. Awards: Under six months—1, Norma Elliott; 2, Malcolm Turner; 3, Christine Brass. Under 12 months—1, Alison Clarke; 2, Sheila Dent; 3. Ian Franks. Under two years—1, Stanley Brown; 2, Gordon Blackburn.

Wild flowers, judged by Mrs Collier and Mrs Jaye. Girls—1, Moira Lowes; 2, Joyce Hutchinson; 3, Doreen Kearton. Boys—1, Val Bradbury; 2, Bertie Lawton; 3, Alan Brown.

Other Attractions. There were numerous stalls and attractions in charge of the following: Teas—Mrs Aislabie, Mrs Mitchell, Mrs Macdonald, Mrs Allison, Mrs Brown, Mrs Lawton, Mrs Hutchinson. Mrs Harker. Minerals—Mrs Aislabie, Mrs Hewitson, Mrs Harker. Bring and buy—Mrs Bradbury, Mrs Clement, Mrs Addison. Hoop-la—Mrs Hutchinson, Mrs Lawton, Mrs Mitchell, Mrs Brown. Miss Simpson, Miss Wooff Roll-a-penny— Messrs J. Brown and T.B. Harker. White elephant—Misses Milner, Bradbury. Allison and Haygarth. Penny-in-bucket—Miss Cook. Flowers—Miss Shaw and Miss Kearton. Character delineation—Miss Grainger. Mr R. Wearmouth provided music with his loudspeaker and the gatemen were Messrs J. W. Naylor and B. Lawrie. Miss Potts and Mrs Lowes distributed the sports prizes.


Boldron En Fete

Cheerful Sunshine Carnival

Boldron celebrated its annual carnival on Saturday in glorious weather.  It was run by the Women’s Institute, of which Mrs TB Harker is President and Mrs Lowes Secretary.  Proceeds will be divided between the Women’s Institute and the Village Hall.

The procession marshall was Coun MS Welsh ad the standard bearer Mr G MacDonald.

The carnival was opened by the Rev FC Giddens who paid a brief but very welcome visit.  He said he was pleased to be able to be present on Boldron’s gala day and in such ideal weather.  He wished success to the effort and a “record crop for the till”.  The Rev Giddens then called on the reigning Rose Queen Sheila Robinson to crown the new Queen, Doris Brown, who with her retinue of little girls made a really charming picture.  The new Queen was presented with a beautiful little silver cup suitably inscribed by the President, Mrs TB Harker, who also presented each little attendant with a purse.  These were Joyce Hutchinson and Moira Lowes; flower scatterers Eileen Brown and Shirley Parker; train bearers Anne Bainbridge and Irene Elliott; crown bearer Anne Mutum.

During the afternoon a whist drive on the village green attracted eleven tables of players.  Tea was served as usual in the Chapel and it was up to Boldron standard.

For the fancy dress procession Middleton Silver Band was present.  It assembled in the Garth and then paraded the village before judging by the Rev and Mrs W Oliver of Rokeby.  The awards were:-

Children’s comic – 1. Gwen Lowes, 2. Glenda Wilkinson, 3. Pat Hinchcliffe.  Fancy: 1. Joyce Plews, 2. Ann McIvor, 3. Pat McIvor.  Original: 1. Brian and Vera Hall, 2. Sylvia Lowes, 3. Mary Green.

Adults – Comic – 1. Audrey Bainbridge, 2. Mary Addison, 3. Mrs Lowes and Mrs Blackburn.  Fancy – 1. Margaret Nelson, 2. Miss Binks.  Original – 1. Mr Laurie, 2. Miss Joyce Lowes, 3. Mrs Stanwix and Robert Aaron.

Baby Show

Mrs A Leishman and Nurse Thompson judged a fine lot of bonny babies.  Winners were as follows:- Under 6 months – 1. Melvin Bellas.  Over one year – 1. Norma Elliott, 2. Judith Parkin, 3. Valerie Spencer, 4. John Lowes.

Wild flower show Girls 1. Joyce Alderson, 2. Moira Lowes, 3. Joyce Hutchinson.  Boys 1. Keith Elliott, 2. Herbert Lawton, 3. Maurice Aislabie.

The Sports

A full programme of sports were run.


Children Flat races: Toddlers 1. Doreen Atkinson, 2. Pat Allinson, 3. Ann Mutum.  Girls 5-7 1. V Mulley, 2. Pat McIvor, 3. Ann Howe.  8-10 1. Barbara Cain, 2. J Mulley, 3. A Banner and M Mulley. 11-13 1. Joyce Plews, 2. Doris Brown, 3. Elsie Howe.  Boys 5-7 1. Brian Atkinson, 2. Teddy Banner, 3. Ken Farrah.  8-10 1. John Brown, 2. D Robinson, 3. P Hinchcliffe. 11-14 1. Ronnie Jones, 2. P Milburn, 3. Cecil Alderson.  Over 14 1. W Jones, 2. D Mulley, 3. J Bradbury.  Sack race boys – 1. H Marsh, 2. B Jones, 3. P Milburn.  Eggand spoon race, girls 1. B Bamborough, 2. J Plews, 3. V Robinson.  Slipper race boys 1. K Hall, 2. R Jones, 3, J Patterson.  Girls 1. B Lowes, 2. E Bowe, 3. Phyllis Stubbs.  Three legged Girls 1. D Brown and J Elson, 2. M Lowes and M Nelson, 3. J Mulley and C Robinson.  Boys 1. C Alderson and R O’Neill, 2. R Jones and E Patterson, 3. P Milburn and B Banner.

Adults – Single ladies race 1. A Metcalfe, 2. M Bendelow, 3. M Tunstall.  Married 1. Mrs Boycott, 2. Mrs Mason, 3. Mrs Plews.  Single mens 1. L Johnson, 2. R Thistlethwaite, 3. C Henderson.  Married 1. JH Thompson, 2. E Boycott, 3. R Plews. Musical hat, girls 1. G Dent, 2. M Mitchell, 3. A Banner.  Lads 1. A Tunstall, 2. L Henderson, 3. D Reed.  Ladies 1. P Waugh, 2. M Hutchinson, 3. K Binks.  Men 1. W Alderson, 2. B Donald, 3. R Anderson. Mile H Hanly Bainbridge, 2. G Beadle, 3. DF Smith.  Quoits W featherstone for the second year in succession.

Mr J Liverseed assisted by willing helpers ably managed the sports and Mr F Cook was the gatekeeper.

The palmist Madame Gwendoline throughout the day read the lines and between them, softening the hard ones with promises of songs for sighs, smiles for tears and melodies unknown to all.

The stalls and sideshows, which were presided over by WI members, did a flourishing trade and the lemonade and ice cream stalls were soon sold out.

At the end of a perfect day Mr Collier who took charge of the treasurer’s table counted £91 – “a nice full crop”.

The President and members of Boldron WI wish to thank all those who helped to make their gala day so successful.


Boldron’s Beautiful Bairns Crown Carnival Queen

Boldron in bright sunshine provided an increased attendance at the annuall gala on Saturday evening. It started as usual with a fancy dress procession which if small was delightfully chic.  Headed by Barnard Castle Band and Mr G McDonald with the Union Jack it proceeded through the village to the sports field with Coun MS Welsh as marshall.  There the new Queen, Moira Lowes, was crowned by the ex-Queen Doris Brown.  Both welcomed the assemblage in pretty poetry composed by Coun Welsh who in a choice speech aptly referred to the democratic usage of the village of Boldron where each year the Queen abdicated and a new one took her place.

The Queen was attended by a bevy of charming little maids of honour- Sylvia Lowes. Irene Brown, Gwen Lowes. Ann Bainbridge. Joyce Hutchinson, and Marion Bainbridge, with a diminutive page, Eric Cook.

Fancy dresses were amazingly good and novel, particularly a sweet little Mary with a real lamb, Buttercup, a sturdy little Scotch black-face, who seemed to enjoy the notoriety he achieved.

The fancy dresses were judged by Coun P Barkes and Mrs Deryck Barkes. Their awards were as follows:—

Children: Character— 1. Judith Hinchcliffe and Bachel l.owis. Bride and Bridegroom 2. Joyce and Trevor Plews. Dick Whittington and his Cat; 3. Jean Bousfield, Mary and her lamb.  Comic— 1. James Parr. Neptune 2. Heather Walker; 3, Teddy Parr, Ghandi.  Fancy 1. Margaret Tiplady, Gypsy, 2. Sheila Atkinson, Sheik: 3. Nigel Simpson, Wee Willie Winkie.

Adults.—Mrs Howson, Parsee lady; 3, Mr Archer. Pandit Nehru, 3. Roy Plews. Hindu.

Stalls were in charge of the following- Drinks. Mrs Bainbridge. Bran Tub. Mrs Lowes. Trifles. Mrs Cook and Mrs Beadle. Hoop-la, Mrs Hutchinson and Mrs l.awton, Bring and Buy. Mrs Bradbury. Miss Bousfield, Miss Allison. Mrs Clement, Miss Bradburv. Roll a penny, Messrs E. Hutchinson; J. Cook and H. Lowes. Quoits. Messrs A Mitchell. F. Cook and W. Featherstone Character delineation. Miss Grainger.

Preliminary Happenings.

Much work had been put in by the comittees in which Miss Potts was president. Mrs Lowes, secretary and Mrs Naylor, treasurer

There was a whist drive, of which the winners were: Ladies—1, Mrs Innins; Mrs J. Lowes; lowest Mrs Simpson. Gents- Mrs Scrafton ; 2. Mrs Etherington; lowest. Mrs Petrie.

Selection of wild flowers (judged by Mr; F. Nevison and Mrs H. Jackson): Girls- Joyce Hutchinson; 2, Moira Lowes: 3. Gwen Brown. Boys—Bertie Lawton; M. Brown; 3, J. Brown.

Teas were served by Mrs Macdonald, Mrs Bousfield. Mrs Bradbury and Mrs Feather- stone.

The gate was in charge of Messrs Bradbury. Cook, Naylor and Laurie.

The Sports.

In the evening a number of sports were run off. Winners were: Flat races, children, toddlers.1. Joyce Maughan; 2. Barbara Allison; 3, Violet Mulley. Boys—1. Anthony Walker; 2. Michael Hinchcliffe, 3. John Hare. Girls. 6 to 10 years—1, Barbara Kane: 2. Nancy Mulley; 3. Audrey Banner. Boys— 1. Ronald Bobinson; 2. John Brown: 3. Brian Thompson. Girls, 11 to 14 years—Joyce Mulley; 2. Joyce Plews; 3, Hazel Howes. Boys 1, Ben Jones; 2, Colin Raw; 3. Cecil Anderson.

Three-legged races: Girls-Joyce Mulley and Barbara Kane; 2. Jovce Alderson and Audrey Bainbridge; 3. Joyce Plews and Valerie Robinson. Boys—Bob Robinson and John Brown; 2. Colin Bainbridge and Brian Thompson; 3, Ron,Jones and Colin Raw.

Sack race: Boys—1. Ron Jones: 2. Cecil Alderson; 3, Colin Raw.

Egg and spoon race: Girls— Valerie Robinson; 2, Joyce Plews; 3, Moira Lowes.

Obstacle race. Boys—1. Ben Jones; 2, Colin Raw, 3, Cecil Alderson. Girls—1. Moira Lowes; 2. Maureen Mitchell: 3. Mary Aislabie.

Musical: Girls— 1. Rosemary Mcdonald; 2. Joyce Mulley; 3. Joyce Plews. Boys- 1. Ray Mitchell; 2. Arthur Harrison: 3, Colin Bainbridge.

Adult sports – Musical hat- 1. Mrs Marwood; 2. Mrs Spencer; 3. Joyce Smithson. Gents -1. F Hunt: 2. T. Wright; 3. W. McDonald. Cigarette race—1. E. Waites and H. Wright: 2. W. McDonald and Renie Thompson; 3. D. Tweddle and J. Brown. Flat races: Married ladies—1. Mrs Bovcott; 2. Mrs J. Brown: 3. Mrs Marwood. Single—1. T. Waites; 2. D. Wooff; 3. A Bainbridge. Married men over 40— 1. Reg Plews; 2, T. Archer; 3. T. N. Wright, Under 40—1. F Hunt, 2. Trevor Wright: 3. Wilf Young. Single men—1. H. Wright, 2. R. Wright; 3, A. Wright. Mile race—R. H. Bainbridge: 2. W. Young; 4. H. Charlton. Quoits 1st and Cup F. Teasdale (Copley) 2. J Keenleyside; 3. W Featherstone.

Ankle competition—1. Mrs F. Hare: 2. R Thompson; 3, D. Walton.


Success of Eighth Boldron Carnival

There may be bigger carnivals than the one at Boldron on Saturday, but certainly none more enthusiastic or deserving of credit for the hard work put in by the organisers.

A very good crowd attended for the procession and crowning of the Queen in the evening, and, led by the Barnard Castle Band, and not forgetting the familiar Standard Bearer, Mr George Macdonald, the regal party and the fancy dress competitors made a brave show.

The children particularly showed a great deal of originality in their costumes, and once again that doyen of fancy dress Mr TM Archer, was present in a new role as Harry Lauder.

Under the leadership of the President Miss Potts, a number of attractions had been organised and there was a particularly good display of appetising food.

On arrival at the field the first function was of, course, the crowning of the Queen.

In opening the ceremony Miss Potts pointed out that this was the eighth carnival. The Committee were dependent upon it for money-raising and had previously had good attendances and this one was another good one.

Introducing the two judges Miss Potts expressed thanks for their services.  They were Mrs Rayner, wife of the Vicar of Startforth, and Mrs Butler, wife of the Vicar of Bowes.

Mrs Rayner said that she had spent most of her life in a big city where they did not have anything so attractive as this carnival.  She was certain the ladies must have had a great deal to do with it, especially the Womens’ Institute, and she hoped they would invite her to one of their meetings. Addressing the new Queen (Marion Bainbridge), Mrs Rayner said she hoped it would always be a very happy memory for her in the days to come.

The retiring Queen (Moira Lowes) then performed the crowning ceremony in a very attractive setting of attendants who were Joyce Hutchinson, Sylvia Lowes, Ann Bainbridge, Irene Brown, Gwen Lowes and Ann Mutum, with Eric Cook making a very charming Page.

There were several stalls and side-shows for the entertainment of visitors. Bring and Buy – Mrs Lawton and Mrs Hutchinson. Trifle, Lemonade etc.—Mrs Cook and Mrs Bainbridge Roll-a-Penny – Mrs Robinson.  Houp-la—Mrs Robinson and Mrs Brown; and Miss Grainger of Barnard Castle to do Character Delineations.

Assisting Miss Potts in organising the function were the Secretary, Mrs Bradbury; the Treasurer, Mrs Naylor – while Messrs F. Cook, J. B. Laurie and J. Bradbury acted as gatekeepers.

Wild Flower Collection – Prizewinners in the Wild Flower Collection competition were: Boys – 1. John Brown; 2, Allan Brown 3. Maurice Brown. Girls-1, Joyce Hutchinson; 2. Sylvia Lowes; 3. Irene Brown. Under Six-1, Eric Cook, 2, John Lowes; 3, Stanley Brown.

Prizewinners for the whist drive were: Ladies-1, Mrs Hutchinson, 2, Mrs Lee. Gents-1, Mrs Allison 2, Mrs Raine. Sealed numbers, Miss Jeffels and Mrs Bodice.  The MC was Mrs J Brown.


Joyce Hutchinson was Carnival Queen, crowned by Marion Bainbridge, the retiring Queen.

Attendants were Anne Bainbridge, Irene Brown, Sylvia Lowes  and Anne Mutum.  Gwen Lowes was the Crown bearer and the pages were Brian Featherstone and Eric Cook.

The Carnival was fully reported in the Teesdale Mercury of 29 June 1949.

Boldron Carnival 1949. Queen being crowned.
Boldron Carnival 1949. Queen being crowned.
Boldron Carnival, 1949
Boldron Carnival, 1949


The 1950 Carnival was reported to be marred by heavy rain however, Barnard Castle Town Band led the procession through the village for the Carnival, which was again organised by the W.I. with proceeds going towards the Village Hall Building Fund.

The Carnival Queen in 1950 was Irene Brown who was crowned by retiring Queen, Joyce Hutchinson.  Norma Elliott was crown bearer and the train bearers were Gwen Lowes and Susan Mutum.  Flowers were scattered by Mary Philp and Ann Bainbridge and the maids of honour were Sylvia Lowes and Iris Elliott.

The Carnival was fully reported in the Teesdale Mercury of 28 June 1950.